Vavé (vah- vey) is a made up word that sounds kinda French, combining the last names of Jessica & Patrice, who own and run the studio. For years, we've been working side-by-side with brides to bring floral visions of romance to fruition. Our arrangements are super custom and we love collaborating to create a cohesive vibe, implementing classic elements, current trends and special details.

We cater to the contemporary flower lover, often combining the classic peony or rose with off-beat botanicals like pomegranates, kumquat branches, berries and succulents in our creation of bouquets, flower crowns, lush garlands and accent pieces. Our composition is unique and, luckily, our clients love our creative flair as much as we do!



Jessica: Inspired by all things vintage. Obsessed with cats. Self-proclaimed succulent queen.

Patrice: Adores hats. Hopes her son, Logan, will be a momma's boy. Has loved flowers since girl scouts.

Alyssa: Never has bad hair days. Is a master crafter. Loves photography & design.