Elegant Fall Wedding in Downtown LA

When Krystal  & Carlos came to me about doing the floral decor for her wedding I was ecstatic!! Krystal and I go way back to the playground days... you know loving the backstreet boys, getting mad at Rose for letting go of Jack, and arguing over who got to be which spice girl.  I got even more excited when she said she wanted multiple 34 foot garlands!!! The incorporation of the white flowers and the white and gold pumpkins for fall just took it all the next level!  I love garlands and the luscious beauty they bring to weddings.  Take peek at the exquisite tables her guest dined at with delisious In n Out :)

Photos: Aurelie Davis | @aurelie_davis | www.aureliedavis.tumblr.com | http://www.aureliedavis.com

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