The Dream Italian Wedding in Positano

ITALY HERE WE CAME!! We had it all planned where and when we would get the flowers for my brother and sister in laws wedding.  We had done our research and knew what time the flower mart open in Naples.... what we forgot to think of was that it was EASTER WEEK!!! So the flower mart was closed.  But have no fear the Vavé Team will always figure out a solution.  Lucky one of us was brave enough to take the local bus and find the local flower shop in Positano.  PEONY our buyer kept repeating to the older florist who did not speak any english.  Finally it looked as if he understood her desperation and took her down an old staircase to an outdoor fridge?!?!? There he had his best flowers which included PEONIES!!! Jessica and I were ecstatic when she came back with a beautiful selection of flowers for us to arrange with... Just take a look! (included some views of Positano for your enjoyment :)

Patrice VeynaComment